Because we have been dealing with the different aspects of online marketing in many years, we have been able to develop smart solutions together with our partners. The purpose of these smart solutions is to increase your ROI and to give you a better control of your online activities.

-> Tired of having to manage manually your bids in Google Adwords ? Wish you had some easier solution to generate new and relevant keywords?

Try our API solution today! We offer a 30-day free trial.

 Ehandel Partner is partner to a unique API solution for Google Adwords and Google Analytics that make the set-up, the optimization and the reporting of your online campaigns much easier and much faster. This solution helps you: – to build campaigns, ads groups and text ads in a massive scale- to generate new relevant keywords based on your feeds – to manage automatically your bids live – to generate custom reports based on your wished KPIs. This solution is the perfect tool for AdWords agencies and for large companies. Klik here to know more about our white label solutions.


Our smart solutions increase your ROI and makes the management of your campaigns faster and easier

-> Smart reporting interface to get a quick overview about all your online partners:

Ehandel Partner is also partner to a unique reporting interface that automatically centralize all your online partner´s campaigns and that gives you a quick overview about your wished KPIs.


Our online marketing experience combined with our deep technical understanding has made us partner to innovative smart solutions.