SEO (both extern and on-site) ensures, that you website ranks higher on the organic results of the search engines (for example Google or Yahoo/Bing)

SEO makes it easier for users and search engines´robots to understand your website. Even though the search engines´robots are becoming smarter and smarter, they still cannot read and understand a site the same way as a human being does. SEO helps search engines to find out what the website is about and how relevant the information are for the users. This way, the search engines can index a website and determine how high a page/website should be shown in the search results (= page ranking). The higher a website comes on these search results page, the more traffic it is going to receive.

SEO is an investment on the short and on the long run that will send more traffic to your website. Ehandel Partner has developed a report, that shows the value of this added traffic. This way you are able to see straight away how much money you get out of your SEO investment.