Based on our many years of experience, we have chosen following partners that will ensure our customers an ongoing growth

-> Our chosen online marketing partners:

Easy_Page_Builder_Icon GOOGLE – YAHOO/BING

Google and Yahoo/Bing cover more than 90% of the internet and offer a great range of products that ensure a targeted and segmented marketing throughout the entire customer journey.


Elegant_Design_Icon FACEBOOK

Facebook, with its 1.3 billion users and their impressive customer database, offer a unique possibility to run very segmented campaigns both for your existing and new potential customers.



We have a close work relationship with both Google and Facebook, which ensure that you will be able to try out their latest features.

Advance_Theme_Options_Icon AFFILIATE & BLOG

Affiliate cover both blogs and private networks (we see it as niche placements as Google and Yahoo/Bing do not always have access to itl). We focus a lot on blog cooperation, as the SEO value is very important.


Elegant_Design_Icon MARKETPLACES

Marketplaces (Zalando, Boozt but also the smaller ones). These marketplaces are becoming more and more important for customers as it gives an easy access to a bride range of products and services from different brands.


The goal with these online marketing activities is to send qualified user to the shop that have the highest probability to convert.

-> We use following marketing funnels model: