We have developed an exclusive working relationship with the French company Lengow that ensures the most optimized feed at the best price. Together with our partner, we will also get the possibility to run your campaigns on many marketplaces such as Zalando, Boozt, Stylefruits…

The concept of marketplaces has grown a lot these last years. The marketplaces are playing now a central part in the customer journey. Keep in mind that each marketplace is running its own business model (this means that Zalando´s set-up is different from Boozt´s set-up).


It can be difficult to get a clear understanding of the different marketplaces business model.

Ehandel Partner has many years of experience within e-commerce. We can help you choose the most relevant partners as well as the most suitable business model. (cpc, revenu share).

We also made a strategic cooperation with the French company Lengow, specialized in Feeds optimization. Lengow offers many extra possibilities such as access to marketplaces and SEM campaign with Russian Yandex.


The strategic cooperation between Lengow and us means for you a faster access to the marketplaces, a greater range of partners to choose in-between and a cheaper deal as if you were to work directly with Lengow.

If you ever worked with Feeds optimization, you are more than aware how complex the optimization can be. Thank you to our partnership with Lengow, we are now able to automatically filter your feed according to the marketplace´s needs.