GTM gives you a unique possibility to implement all your tags and scripts (analytics, remarketing, and non- google-partners) in one place and with a few clicks..

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Universal Analytics is now the default set-up of Google Analytics. There are still many companies using the old default set-up called Google Analytics and not all companies sees the migration from GA (Google Analytics) into UA (Universal Analytics,) as a fantastic possibility to start using Google Tag Manager. The implementation of GTM is simple and the possibilities related to it are very big. Still not convinced? you will find below a list with the 7 best reasons to start using GTM today.


  1. Ensure your site for the future: It can be a challenge to migrate to Universal Analytics if you wrote many codes ”swapping” or have made many changes to your site.,etc…. We recommend here to gradually switch to GTM. For example, you can start moving the easiest scripts such Google Analytics Google Adwords or Facebook. Implementing GTM will take you about the same amount of time as migrating from Google Analytics to Universal Analytics but this will make future updates and changes to your scripts much easier as you will be able to make all modifications in GTM. 
  1. Rapidity: Changes and implementation of new tags/scripts are fast and do not require a developer. This is very exciting as marketers can test quickly new scripts and make changes directly on the website without the help of a coder.


  1. Flexibility: Google Tag Manager is a very exiting tool to work with as it does not require a technical background to get the job done. At the same time, IT and developers will love GTM because of all exiting possibilities that are mentioned below. In order to find out who is going to get most out of GTM, you will have to look into the complexity of your website.


  1. Debug Option:  Make sure that your scripts/tags are working before you put them live. This is very important as GTM has a build-in debug function that makes it possible to test and debug each update on your own browser and on the page of the site before publishing the changes.




  1. Version control: A new version will be published each time you make a change. These versions will be archived in case you need to publish an older version. This gives you a unique chance to keep track of all changes you made and eventually trouble shoot the tags issues.


  1. User permission: GTM gives you the possibility to give different access level to your partners and colleagues (see, write, admin). You can control who is responsible of the scripts update on your site. You can for example gives Ehandel Partner the access to your GTM in order for us to help you with the creation of tags, macros, rules and implementation of scripts.


  1. Built-In Tags: GTM already includes the tags to the classic and Universal Analytics, AdWords conversions, remarketing as well as other popular networks. This is a big help for marketers that have just started using GTM and do not have much experience in coding. This gives you the possibility to customize your tags with the need of little information and without being challenged by the usual issues related to the implementation of codes.