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The Gmail Sponsored Promotions is out of its 2 years beta test and is now available to all advertisers.

Ehandel Partner have had the chance to work with GSP in beta test since more than one year. We are happy today to share our experience and best practices based on the different campaigns we have run.

First let´s start by explaining: what is Gmail Sponsored Promotions?

GSP is a unique type of ads that is showing up in your Gmail inbox. The GSP ads are made of 2 elements: a teaser ad and an ad that expands when you click on the teaser. The teaser has a text headline composed of 25 characters and a body text composed of 100 characters (the name of your company and a 50X50 image will also be shown in this teaser).

As an advertiser, you will be charged each time a user clicks on the teaser and expand the max 600×1000 ad. This expandable ad is made of html and can include text, images, links, form fields, click to call phone numbers and embedded video.

Right now, the management of the Gmail Sponsored Promotions is made outside the Adwords platform, but Google is working at integrating it in your classic Adwords interface.

GSP is used as an “exposure ad” where you as an advertiser can show your products to a user without having had this user to specifically look for your products. You have the possibility to narrow down the amount of users you want to expose by segmenting and targeting.

GSP can be used to drive sales to your shops, to wake interest of potential customers and to collect leads of potential customers through strong offers /contest (as a register form).


The targeting options of GSP are very important to narrow the users you want to reach

GSP is using all the targeting possibilities that you are used to run with Google on the Display Network (GDN) and is also offering some unique targeting capabilities.

Beside the usual targeting by age, gender, language, clients, locations, keyword/contextual and interests you can use “user attribute” to target your audience. These user attribute targets are based on the content of each user last 300 emails.

GSP gives you the following unique features: domain targeting. purchase history targeting and job title targeting.

Useful tips and check list

Define your goals (conversion, leads…) and expectation from the beginning. Choose if you want to run on both desktop and mobile. We suggest here to isolate the mobile part, as it can otherwise get very expensive. Bid higher than your max bid, usually you should end up paying less and get more impressions. As we are strongly recommended to narrow your targeting as much as possible and in order to avoid exposing the same users to the same creatives, we advise to change frequently your text and images.

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