Keyword optimization


Keywords planner is like a workshop when it comes to build new Search Network campaigns or extend existing ones.You can look for keywords or ad groups ideas, check how a keywords list performs, and you can also create a brand new keywords list just by multiplying more keywords lists with each other. The free AdWords tool, keywords planner, can also help you to choose competitive bids and budgets to be used when you run a campaign.

Use the keywords planner tool to find new keywords and to get traffic prognoses. Whether you are an online marketing beginner or a SEM expert, you can use the keywords planner tool to build successful campaigns.


Now let´s look at the advantages of using the keywords planner tool. You can use the keywords planner tool to:

  • Discover new keywords: Do you need new keywords that you can use for a new campaign ? Or do you need new keywords for an existing campaign ? You can look for keywords and ad groups ideas based on the topics that are relevant for your products or services, your landing page or your different products categories.


  • Get historical statistics and traffic prognoses: Use statistics such as volume to help you choose which keyword you have to use in a new or existing campaign. Receive prognoses such as expected amount of clicks and estimated amount of conversions, which can give you an idea about how well a keywords list will perform with a particular bid and budget. These prognoses can help you to make decisions about bids and budgets.




Please keep in mind that even though the search planner tool is great to find new keywords ideas and traffic prognoses, the success of a campaign depends on many other factors such as your bid, budget, product and your online customer behavior.

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