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You can use the search term report from Google Adwords to see how your ads are performing when they are triggered from real searches on Google search network. You will be able to find new search terms with high potential and add them to your keywords list. Look at the keywords that are not relevant to your business and add them as negative keywords. This can help you avoiding to spend money on ads, showed to customers which are not interested in your products.

What is the difference between search term and keyword ?

A search term is the precise word or the combination of words, that a user googles. A keyword is a word or a combination of words that a marketer creates for an ad group aim at targeting users through text ads.


John looks up online at flowers for Valentine´s day. He googles “white rose” in the search area on “white rose” is the search term. Now let´s pretend that you are the owner of a flower shop. Because you added the word ”rose” as keyword in your Adwords campaign, your text ads will be trigged by John´s search term and your ads will be visible on search results.


Did you understand how you can manage your keywords based on your search term report ?

Use your search term report to manage your keywords so that your search terms increase your keywords performance. See below for some good tips:

  • Add highly performing search terms to your ad groups as keywords. Consider as well to adjust your bids and your text ads because the search terms from the search term report already receive traffic otherwise the new added keywords won´t increase your keywords performance.
  • If a search term is not relevant enough to the products or services that you offer, you should add this search term as negative keyword. This should prevent your ads to show up to users that are not interested in your products or services.
  • Choose the correct match type (broad, phrase, exact, or negative) for your existing keywords.

Are you satisfied with the optimization of your search terms?

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