Apps has become an important marketing tool used every day by marketers around the world. Google gives a good possibility to get a very detailed look at the apps performance. Ehandel Partner goes one-step further and offers the development of your apps for both Android and IOS.

Thank you to Google increased focus on marketing and reporting possibilities of apps, the apps are now a main online marketing channel.

Google Analytics offers different tools that measure the different interaction during the use of the apps. This allows you to optimize your apps set-up according to the behavior of the user.

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Ehandel Partner helps you to choose the most relevant business apps model.

-> We use following model:



Through a customer apps reporting in Admob combined with our friendly interface, Ehandel Partner offers you a unique interface reporting solution that gives you a quick overview of the performance of your online campaigns as well as optimization proposal for your apps.

Ehandel Partner can help you with everything from the development of your apps to the ongoing optimization of your online campaigns.